Why Use Our Bags


Our bags are Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) Bags. This means that they are the most flexible plastic material of plastic sheeting films. They are more pliable, softer, and extra strength than what you could buy at your local general stores.

LLDPE is a Stronger Material

Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) bags is used when there is a requirement for a tremendous amount of strength, to absorb impacts without tearing or puncturing. This is ideal with larger bags that hold a lot of content or weight. They are 1.2 Mil in thickness.


Our bags are rated between 50-55 gallon because they are gusseted at the base of the bag. This means they open up as a square at the base of the bag.

20" x 20" x 48" Gusseted Bags

FDA Approved

Our bags are rated "FDA Approved" which means that the bags have been rated by the Food & Drug Administration as a plastic that will not transfer noxious or toxic substances from its content, of what's in the bag, from leaking out through the plastic. Contaminants will stay inside the bag. 

Ultra Clear Premium Material

Being able to see what is being recycled increases the chances that others will do the same. Our bags are ultra clear, while other bags have a hazy, milky appearance that is harder to see through.





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