Tips to Generate Revenue


Your Wallet Will Thank You Even More Than the Planet!

The Trillium Blue’s sturdy frame can hold three Advertisement panels, so that your recycling bins can become a revenue generator allowing you to recover your investment.


There are so many advantages to using the Trillium Blue

it's economical



made in the USA

Woman-Owned Company

It's easy to "Go Green"!


Good things come in threes - so here are three ideas for how to use the three advertising panels:

  • Advertise your own organization.

  • Sell the space to Advertisers.

  • Offer the space to your sponsors.   


Trillium Blue keeps your community beautiful,

and makes you stand out as a “green leader.”


Of course, these are only suggestions. If you have another bright idea for how to use the graphic panels, send us a Comment or e-mail us at and we’ll work with you to make your promotional idea become a crowd-stoppin', planet-savin' reality!





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