Tips to Boost Recycling


Tip #1 - You need to Personalizing your recycling message to fit your demographic to boost compliance.

You can be detailed, educational, cool, silly—whatever you think will work with the audience you are trying to reach.

We make personalizing your message easy!

Just download a simple Instructional Card template in either Microsoft Word or (for designers) InDesign

and send a high-resolution PDF document to*

Tip #2 - You need to put your recycling bins in common areas where people are more likely to eat or drink.

Tip #3 - You need to keep the top surfaces of your bins clean, so people feel more comfortable disposing their recyclables in them.

Common In Stock Top Signs:

Recycle water bottles only

Recycle plastic cups only

Recycle bottles & cans only

Recycle aluminum cans, plastic & glass bottles only

Other Top Ordered:

Recycle only (with 2" x 9" space for your own decal)

Recycle plastic cups & bottles only

Recycle aluminum cans, plastic bottles only

Recycle plastic cups only

Recycle aluminum cans only

Recycle your polyethylene items here 

Recycle bottles only

Recycle glass & plastic bottles, cups, & aluminum cans only

Recycle glass only

Recycle cups only

Recycle paper only

Plastic only (one 5" recycle symbol)

Recycle vinyl only

Please recycle your clean, dry plastic grocery sacks here 

Recycle plastic & aluminum only

Recycle your polystyrene egg cartons here 

Recycle drink boxes & milk cartons

* Note: Custom signs require a $50.00 set up charge for the graphics.  If you have questions, call us 1-800-321-8154 at or e-mail for details.





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