Trillium Blue - "why didn't I come up with that!"

An old manufacturing belt city, Syracuse, NY has been re-developing itself as a sustainable community for the bester part of 10 years. As these efforts increase, more and more local businesses, colleges, and events are demanding recycling stations to keep up with the recycling-friendly public who wants its waste stream properly divided and moved onto the next stage of its life cycle.


Many recycling containers provided by resource recovery organizations don't last long, and they can't be set outside (Syracuse has challenging weather, as you may know) and sturdy, multi-stream recycling bins can stretch a waste management budget to breaking point.


The Trillium Blue is designed to be a reasonably priced, easy-to-use, weather-proof recycling station that can actually pay for itself with marketing panels that can be used for advertising.



Clearly, a brilliant idea!

At Trillium Recycling we believe we are the local green leaders in our own right. Our manufacturing facility is located here in Syracuse New York, a neighborhood that, thanks to various entrepreneurial businesses and programs, is going through a revival. Talk to us today how we can help you become a green leader in your community!



Syracuse: A Sustainable City

Let us tell you little bit more about Syracuse's green credentials, so even if you are not strictly buying local when you purchase a Trillium Blue System, you know you are supporting a business that's helping to make Central New York sustainable!

  • Nicknamed the "Emerald City" for its sustainability efforts, the 12-county CNY region has one of the highest concentrations of green industry and LEED buildings in the US.

  • In 2010, the US Environmental Protection Agency selected CNY as one of 25 Climate Showcase Communities.

  • Syracuse's Clean Tech Center has been named the #6 clean tech cluster in the world.

  • The Syracuse Center of Excellence in Energy and Environmental Systems' LEED platinum HQ is a test bed for new sustainable technologies.

  • The Near West Side Initiative is using technology and innovation to revitalize an entire urban neighborhood to meet green standards.

  • And check out these other Syracuse sustainability initiatives: Blue Rain ECOfest, Green Core Companies, Greening USA, and Syracuse First.





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