Why Trillium Blue


The Trillium Blue  is the Best Way to Invest In Your Recycling Program!

  • It is a more efficient, easy-to-use recycling system!

  • It's a cost-effective recycling container that actually generates revenue for your waste reclamation program!

  • It's a sturdy, re-usable bin that can stand up to high traffic areas and weather!

  • It is easy to assemble and disassemble for easy storage for event usage.

The Trillium Blue System is clearly the best choice for events, organizations, and businesses!


     Trillium Blue is the visual approach to recycling by allowing one to see in the bag what is being recycled.

         Trillium Blue can build your image in your community as a leader in recycling with no effort.

             Trillium Blue offsets waste disposal budgets by offering vendors and sponsors an advertising venue with good exposure.

                  Trillium Blue saves you maintenance time, allowing you to see if the bag is full or if it's ready to be emptied.


"Recycle See, Recycle Do"

  • The clear bags reinforce that 'what's in the bag' is what should be placed in them.

  • People understand immediately that it's not for trash, so contamination is virtually eliminated.

  • Studies indicate that people are 85% more likely to recycle if they see the contents of a recycling bin.


"Save Green, Make Green"

  • You can reduce the recycling bin cost because it can generate a profit with advertising.

  • Custom graphics is available on the side panels to advertise your business, or for your vendors or sponsors.

  • Your reclamation program is a long-term investment in your stewardship and sustainability efforts.


"No Mess, No Fuss"

  • The Bag Packs allow for a quick, hassle-free bag replacement. 

  • Full bags are easily removed from the recycling bin, preventing spills, and the bags are connected for easy replacement.

  • The bin is reusable and can withstand harsh weather conditions which is perfect for outdoor events.

  • Its efficient design means less time and labor to run your recycling program.





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